Unfortunately facebook has decided to fuck us over again. Not sure why as while our content is probably a little cheekier than most pages on the social networking giant, ours does follow the guidelines, and certainly isn’t as graphic as some pages out there. Basically a few weeks ago we got somewhere between 30-50 complaints in one morning on one (rather benign) photo and each time it was reported (for spam) the facebook team passed it. From that point on our likes dropped by about 90%. We managed to claw our way back in a couple of weeks to getting somewhere near the same level of likes as we were getting before but again we were reported for spam. We never spam but its just obviously some puritan who as a problem with the page or maybe facebook algorithms playing God again.

But on the positive side if you’ve made it to the site we’ll still be updating this one regularly so you’ll always get your fill of memes, babes and other things!

Bacon Boobs Beer \m/

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