One Million Years BC

Here we go with another film review. This time its ultra babe, Raquel Welch starring in One Million years BC. Released in 1966 this was somewhat successful as far as the producing house, Hammer films was concerned. This is a pretty cool watch, but it can be kind of distracting with miss Welch bouncing around in her caveman / fur bikini outfit. Not entirely sure what the plot was really about but it revolves around Tumak (spelling?) who is banished from his cave man tribe and sets off solo. He wanders around for a bit and collapses from exhaustion. The lucky bastard is found by another tribe, of which Raquel welsh features as Loana and he assimilates into her tribe. (featured in the below pic)

One Million Years BC is not entirely historically accurate. It features humans and dinosaurs in the same time / reality. But again with the Caveman babe-age bouncing around the place one isn’t really thinking about this. Look this film though rather enjoyable is not really a thinker. There’s no english dialogue either, just caveman grunts and some primitive communication. Again this doesn’t interfere with the enjoyment of this film.

Anyway if you haven’t seen this film and you’re the kind of film conniseur that visits this site regulary, be sure to track your self down a copy and enjoy with some freshly fried bacon and a couple of beers 🙂

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Jennifer Aniston

Thought i’d share a tribute to one of my fave babes, and probably one of yours too … Jennifer Aniston!

Little known fact, Jennifer Aniston (born in Feb 11th 1969) started her career at age 24 in the 1990’s horror movie Leprechaun. Despite the film being a little on the B Grade side, she was super cute (See pic below) and was always going to get noticed. From then, she promptly scored the role as Rachel in the stratospherically huge 1990’s sitcom Friends. She then of course went on to start in some of the hugest box office films of all time. But you guys all know that anyway.

Jennifer Anniston in her first appearance on the film “Leprechaun”

Anyway here’s some cool shots of Jennifer Aniston for you guys to check out:

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