Thanks all for visiting this site! It means a lot to us! We’ve been busy harvesting the memes and babe pictures from the site and the sites starting to fill out a bit.

We’ve also started a video dump on the page VIDEOS where you can view the funnier videos we’ve posted over the years. Check it out, there will be some funny stuff posted up there!

Also the Bacon Boobs Beer facebook page has been kicking along well, so thanks for all the support there as well…. We’ve hit 6000 likes now so this pretty much makes it both the most successful page in terms of numbers we’ve ever run, and the most engaged page with many of the babe of the week pics hitting 400+ likes!

Anyway groovers, take it easy have some sweet delicious beers and keep coming back here from time to time to see what new stuff we’ve put up here!

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