Is touching or looking at boobs good for your health? Turns out modern science says YES! In more ways than one! Touching and holding boobs is good for you. Looking at boobs is good for you. Obviously, if you touch or look at boobies make sure you have permission from the owners of the boobies! If you’re lucky enough to have someone that lets you touch or stare at theirs regularly you may just be on the path to good health!

OK, I know what you’re thinking. This sounds too good to be true. With that in mind we’ve even referenced the findings! We have some reasonable article authority backing us up here!

Here’s the original article for this study conducted Dr Karen Weatherby, a German Scientist and published in the New England Journal of Medicine. She postulates (sounds rude, but it isn’t) that staring at and touching breasts for at least 10 minutes a day can actually prolong male life spans. In fact, staring at a nice large or small rack (Depending on your tastes) for at least 10 minutes a day lowers blood pressure, heart rates, stress and has the same benefits as a 30 minute workout. It’s been suggested that it could actually lengthen the male lifespan up to 4-5 years.


In regards to touching boobs: When a hand meets boob, it stimulates nerves that trigger the brain’s pituitary gland to release oxytocin. This is a feel-good hormone associated with snuggling and such. The benefits actually apply to both females and males. In fact the shape a hand makes when nestling a boob is the naturally relaxed state a hand should be in. It also has benefits for the woman as the chest is where stress is held. A lovingly held and supported boob will release stress from the body. Source, Cosmopolitan Mag

. Holding boobs actually benefits the female in your life as well!

Anyway with that in mind Bacon Boobs Beer does not recommend staring at random breasts of passing women. Much less touching them. Keep it clean, keep it respectable. Hopefully, you can find a woman that will love the attention as much as you love to give it. Count yourself lucky if you have this already. I do!

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Are Vitamins a waste of money? I’ve had this discussion a few times with people. When they see vitamins at my house or in my car or whatever.


First point I’ll make is that I’ve NEVER heard anyone say vitamins are bad for you***. My only real point of opposition that I face is people saying “It’s a waste of money” or “You should be getting all the nutrients you need from a balanced diet”. Damn right, I SHOULD get all the vitamins I need from a balanced diet, but I have neither the time or the money to actually have a balanced diet that provides all the nutrients I need to kick ass.

Next point I’ll make is that more often than not that person telling me I’m wasting money on vitamins have no problems in spending $150 down the pub on beers that cost $12 each (when a $7 basic beer would suffice) thereby making any spend I make on vitamins seem irrelevant by comparison. Oh yeah, don’t get me started on how much some of these people spend on drug usage. They could be paying off a mortgage with that much money. Yet they heckle me about my $5-$10 a month vitamin habit.

Like most adults I do my own shopping. By buying vitamins when they are on sale I find I’m getting mine for $5-$10 a jar for standard-issue vitamins. I honestly believe they do help. I find myself getting sick less than others, and I think I look younger and healthier than most of my similarly aged friends.


If you’re thinking about taking that first step into taking some vitamins or supplements but have no idea what you’re doing I’d suggest either a Men’s multi (if you’re a man) or a Woman’s multi (if you’re a woman). Keep it simple. You won’t get miraculous results overnight but things will start improving even if you don’t notice it. Most humans however have deficiencies in either Vitamin C, Magnesium or Vitamin B3 so if you cover your bets and use those three, many niggling health issues would be solved.

***I should preface that point by saying you can overdose on vitamins and get at least mildy ill. if you take reasonable notice of the dosage on the packet you should have no issues unless you have some freak allergy.

Again, I’m not here to preach to you, but when you ask yourself “Are Vitamins a waste of money?” Think to yourself, “What am I REALLY wasting money on anyway? Chances are it’s destroying your health as well. Even if all the vitamins do is stop you wasting money on alcohol, tobacco, drugs or fast food there’s an instant health benefit there!


I’ve listed some of the more common vitamins and a brief outline of what they do for you. Obviously its not comprehensive by any means but its a starting point. If you have any underlying health issues or even if you’re not sure consult a doctor before starting a regieme, but make sure you stick to the dosages!


Good for eye health and can prevent macular degeneration
improves skin and hair
“Could” help with Cancer development (retinoid can block growth of cancer cells)
Can lower excessive cholesterol
Helps bones and teeth (increased presence of vitamin A is linked to lower instances of osteoporosis)
Boosts Immunity
Can help during pregnancy (consult a doctor with this one)
Promotes tissue repair (especially in wounds) Supports Muscle growth (especially in children and the elderly)
Slows down signs of gains (especially in skin)


B12 is needed for red blood cell production, body tissue repair and is vital for the function of the central nervous system. If you don’t get enough of it you can develop condition such as Anaemia (lack of red blood cells), Neuropathy (nerve damage), Neurological disorders.


Vitamin C is an essential vitamin. Unfortunately the human body can’t produce or store it. Vitamin C produces antioxidants which provide a natural immunity boost by fighting off free radicals. Vitamin C has an impressive list of benefits which include:
lowering blood pressure and risk of heart disease.
Reducing Uric Acid levels thereby reducing gout risk.
Helps prevent iron deficiency
Boosts immunity (as mentioned before)
Aids memory function

Vitamin C has an impressive list of benefits, if you choose one vitamin to take this would be the one. Cheap easy and if you buy the right ones its even quite tasty.


Can be Caused by Lack of sunlight (Not generally an issue in Australia unless you get NO sun or are old or of darker skin colour). Lack of Vitamin D can cause a decrease in bone density, depressed mental state, loss of libido and insomnia.


Magnesium is the 4th most abundant mineral in your body and your body can’t work properly without it. 50% of men and women don’t get enough of it. Magnesium would be naturally found in nuts, seeds and leafy green vegetables. Humans need 320-400 mg a day of this for men and women respectively. Magnesium deficiencies can see the onset of Type 2 Diabetes, Alzheimers and Heart Disease.


Some articles I’ve seen are more negative on the subject some are neutral and some are positive. It’s hard to get a definitive answer. THis is a slightly more negative article I found but still said “you can get everything you need from a balanced diet”. Are you getting a balanced diet? you have to look at this realistically. I eat pretty decently but not what I would call balanced. I’d need to triple both the time I spend and the money I spend to achieve this. Article from the Sydney Morning Herald.

In short, i think there would be very few people in the middle class or lower who truely have a healthy diet either here in Australia or in the United States (Where most of our traffic comes from). In most cases you could start up a regiment of vitamins for less than the price of a quarter pounder / or a couple of take out coffees per week. Even if it doesn’t work wonders for you


What a question! Beer is a major part of my life. I drink it most days, and have done for many years now. I believe it is a gift from the gods to us humans.


Would you believe beer has its roots traced back as far as 7000 years ago from a place called Mesopotamia (Where Iraq is now)? This doesn’t necessarily mean it was the first beer ever made, but the earliest instance scientists can trace back. Alcoholic beverages have been around an estimated 9000 years, and possibly back as far as 12,000 years. Our first evidenced instance was an Enterprising Mesopotamian woman who combined some herbs with grains and water to create an early version of the hallowed drink we know today. Though it was consumed at least in Egypt as well, as the surrounding areas. The Eygyptians along the Nile used to pay their workers an ration of beer as well!

It would appear that it was cooked as a nutritious drink rather than a way to get wasted but it ended up fermenting. It would also appear pretty much everyone drank it including women and children as part of their diet. Usually Yeast is the active element that creates the reaction we know as fermentation, but its unclear how she got it to ferment. Where would a women get yeast?


From my research it would appear nothing really changed for the next few thousand years until the middle ages. Another (would you believe Woman?) decided to add hops to the recipe. Hops gives beer its bitterness, flavors, hints and overtones. It also preserves the beer, making it able to sit on a shelf for a lot longer. The lass responsible for this was the Abbess Hildegarda de Bingen. She was later Cannonised as a saint. And God Bless her too!

It was soon after this that men took over the proceedings to mass produce and manufacture this beverage of the gods, and it spread around the world. The First of which would appear to be The Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan. It’s located on the site of the former Weihenstephan Abbey in Freising, Bavaria. Before the abbey was dissolved in 1803, the monks who lived there brewed and sold beer.

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