Times would appear to be getting tougher, with that in mind I’ve had to look out for side hustles. I’ve found a few so i’ll be posting them for you guys if you’re keen to earn a little extra on the side.

With that in mind this first one is called Attapol. It’s a survey app that I downloaded and attempted to do a few surveys from. The first couple of weeks it was painful only earning about $5 (Australian) an hour. by Third week was around $10 an hour, so i’d do around an hour or so and get paid $10 a week into my pay pal. Not huge money but everything counts. CLICK TO JOIN ATTAPOL (This is a mobile only app, not a website so click this from your phone) I’m currently pulling in around $50 a week from different apps and its really been saving my bacon over the last few couple of months.