In the mood for a classy but deliciously wicked drink? Well, look no further, I tried myself one of these a few days ago and it was nothing short of brilliant. Taking a sip of a warm “Bacon Washed Bourbon” and feeling that sweet warm bacon infused bourbon slide down your throat and warm your soul is an awesome feeling and a great way to end a night!

50-60 mls of Bourbon*
A dash of maple syrup
some thinly cut bacon
Some brown sugar

Fry your rashers of bacon till they are crispy. I used a maple flavoured bacon but if you’re using standard issue bacon fry it in some butter and brown sugar to sweeten it up a little. pour a healthy shot of bourbon (50-60mls) into a cup, add a dash of maple syrup, maybe even some cinnamon if you have it hanging around and drop your hot bacon rashers in the drink. EMJOY!!!

Some other variations you can try include, orange garnish, chilli or even adding bacon fat to the drink. Some photo’s I’ve seen of this use ice cubes in the drink, but I’m hesitant to do that. I can’t imagine the drink being anything but warm. But by all means try it out yourself and see what you can do!

*I used “Gentlemen Jack” but whatever you like will be fine I’m sure! It’s definitely worth using something nice though!

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